My stomach gets in knots when I think of you still, I don’t want to feel this way about you anymore.

i need to take a step back and focus on myself
my life always seems to revolve around something else or someone else
i think it’s time i make myself a priority and start putting me first instead of other people

i noticed everything about you
especially your inquisitive and curious eyes
how intently they would follow my gaze
they never left my own
the way your lips form in that half-smile
how it creases more to the right 
i imagine my kisses would easily fall there
the way you put your hair behind your ear
how gentle your soul is 
and your stupid laugh 
i want nothing more than to forget you

i avoided writing about you.
i knew that if i did, my feelings would fester 
i didn’t want to grow attached to you but it was too late
how could i not?

You feel so far away from me now.

But I can’t go back. You know that.

I just can’t.
I have to move on and I’m sorry that we broke each other’s heart.
I’m sorry we couldn’t finish what we started.

Let us be eager to leave what is familiar for what is true.

Fran Chan  (via resolutewoman)

(Source: raeanna)


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